Adirondack Mountain Biking

Adirondack Mountain Biking Lake George Region

The Merrill Magee Inn in Warrensburg is a perfect place for many scenic and challenging Adirondack mountain biking rides in the Lake George region of upstate New York. Although there are plenty of paved roads to ride on, there are many unpaved and rough country roads more suitable for Adirondack mountain biking and knobby tires. It’s not that they are like off-road rides but you will appreciate having a more durable, dependable, sure-footed and shock absorbing mountain bike. It will save your butt, bones and bike frame. There are also plenty of single track Adirondack mountain biking rides nearby from groomed and gentle to extreme and rough trails.

The Adirondack Park is large and there are many areas to explore for Adirondack mountain biking. When you stay at the Merrill Magee Inn, however, you don’t have to load up your gear and travel anywhere for a good ride. There are many good rides that start and finish at the Merrill Magee Inn. To the north of Warrensburg is Pack Forest, Chestertown, Starbuck Hill and Pucker Farm Road. One of the prettiest parts of the Hudson River and the town of Thurman is to the west of Warrensburg. Thurman is bordered by a large undeveloped expanse of Forever Wild park land and has many scenic unpaved roads perfect for Adirondack mountain biking in the Lake George region of the Adirondacks. There is a beautiful ride along the east and west shores of the Hudson River that goes through Thurman. It’s also known as the Glen-Athol Loop. Ride along the Hudson River from The Glen part of the loop. It then heads south along the river toward the town of Athol next to Thurman.

You can also cross the Hudson at Thurman and head south along the river to Stony Creek. Another option is to go through Thurman and over the mountain to Stony Creek and back. It’s a bear of a ride. The town of Thurman also includes a nice bicycle ride to to Crane Mountain and back along Mountain and Valley Roads. Mountain and Valley Roads are located on the west wall of the valley of the Hudson River. The ride is scenic, long and steep with some fast and fun downhill runs along a winding road that follows a beautiful stream. Garnet Lake Road takes you to Crane Mountain. The road continues past Crane Mountain to Garnet Lake, which is in Johnsburg. There is a nice scenic loop from the Garnet Lake and Valley Road intersection that goes along a dirt road past Garnet Lake, around Crane Mountain and through Johnsburg back to Thurman.

There is also fun but extreme Adirondack mountain biking rides from Warrensburg that heads south and goes up and over Harrington Hill. At the top of the hill, Floyd Bennet cross-road takes you to Harrington Hill and Old Stage Road. Old Stage Road is a dirt road that goes past Viele Pond at the top of the hill and behind Prospect Mountain down along the rim of the Hudson River and over to the town of Lake Luzerne. It’s one of the toughest of the long steep rides. The ride down Harrington Hill on the way back is fast with a spectacular view of Hackensack Mountain and the Schroon River valley.

The Schroon River is on the eastern border of Warrensburg. You can ride north on the west side of the Schroon and return on the east side. A large portion of the east side is unpaved. The portion that is paved is often rough or washed out. It’s better to do the ride on a mountain bike. The mountains that form the western wall of Lake George are also to the east of the Merrill Magee Inn and Warrensburg. There are nice rides into the Village of Lake George, over the mountains or toward Trout Lake and Bolton Landing. All the hills between Warrensburg and Lake George are long and steep. Trout Lake Road, which goes over the wall of Lake George got wiped out one year in powerful summer storm that caused a beaver dam to collapse. It took awhile for the road to get repaved. It was handy to have a mountain bike and plenty of low gears to deal with the steep hills and loose slippery rocks.

For the hardcore single track enthusiasts there is West and Gore Mountains as well as other Adirondack mountain biking rides nearby. For further information about Adirondack bicycle rides near the Merrill Magee Inn and Warrensburg check out the links below or ask us.  There are many unknown gems in our area.


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