Kayaking Lake George

The Merrill Magee Inn is conveniently located for kayaking Lake George as well as for many other nearby lakes in the Adirondacks. The Inn is close to the Northway (I87) and Route 9N which makes it easy to get to different launch points for kayaking on Lake George and other nearby lakes. We also have plenty of space to stow your gear, including your kayak.

Lake George is the largest lake in the Adirondacks. Many millennia ago it was two lakes. The retreating glaciers tore a gap near the Tongue Mountain range and turned it into one. The picture on the right is the belly section of Lake George near the tip of the Tongue Mountain Range referred to as Anthony’s Nose. Studded with many beautiful islands makes it perfect for kayaking Lake George. The midsection is riddled with them.

In addition to being long, Lake George is deep, dropping down quickly to about two hundred feet in a few areas. Three foot waves are not uncommon in areas around Anthony’s Nose near the tip of the Tongue. Late afternoon thermal gradients create gusty winds that whip northward on the lake. This creates fairly consistent large waves in the Roger’s Rock area. This area is where the lake is particularly deep as it drops straight down from the massive wall of rock. Collisions between the large strong waves and the tall steep stubborn wall of rock can cause even larger clapotis to form.

The Merrill Magee Inn is close to the south-western shore of Lake George and the Northway (I87). There are many good points located along the western shore of Lake George to launch a kayak. The towns of Lake George, Bolton, Hague and Ticonderoga are easy to reach from the Merrill Magee Inn. There is also access at the foot of the Tongue Mountain Range to Northwest Bay. The launch site is a beautiful stream that meanders through wetlands of Northwest bay. Roger’s Rock is further north near the northern end of Lake George in the town of Ticonderoga. Roger’s Rock is a great place to kayak to see the east and west sides of the Lake. There is another launch in the Town of Ticonderoga into Lake Champlain where you can paddle past Fort Ticonderoga. It’s particularly fun when they fire the cannons in your direction.

Although it’s still beautiful, the lake gets busy with motor boats and visitors in the summer season. Kayaking Lake George is much more comfortable, cooler and calmer as far as boat traffic is concerned in spring, early summer and fall. This is when school is in session and boat traffic slows down. Better still, cooler high pressure Canadian air masses dominate, which keeps the air crisp and covers the skies in deep blue.

In addition to kayaking Lake George, the Merrill Magee Inn is also conveniently located for kayaking trips on Schroon Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Lake Sacandaga and Lake Placid to name a few. If you have any questions about kayaking in our area ask us.


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