Lake George Beaches

Has your spouse, family or friends been telling you to go jump in a lake lately? If they have then maybe it’s time for you to chill out and visit the Merrill Magee Inn and one of the nearby Lake George Beaches. Million Dollar Beach and Shepard’s Park are less than ten minutes away from the Merrill Magee Inn, in the town of Lake George, NY.

Two other nearby Lake George beaches are located just slightly farther north in the town of Bolton Landing. For the more adventurous traveler, the town of Hague has a beautiful quiet little park and beach. Even further to the north, Rodger’s Rock State Park also has a nice beach. All of the Lake George beaches have crystal clear water and beautiful views.

But you don’t have to travel to Lake George for a quiet day at the beach. While it may not be as spectacular as the Million Dollar beach or the other Lake George beaches, Warrensburg has its own little gems called Echo Lake Park and the Hudson River Recreation Area. In contrast to the Lake George beaches which have parking and entrance fees, the Hudson River Recreation Area and Echo Lake park have no fees and parking is free.

Echo Lake has a quiet beautiful little town park with a nice beach, less than three quarters of a mile from the Merrill Magee Inn. Echo Lake is a large glacial feature called a kettle, which is a depression left in the earth by trapped mountains of ice. The lake is so close that our guests can walk to the beach, go for a swim, take a snooze on the warm sands away from the crowds and then walk back to the inn while working up a ravenous appetite for appetizers and dinner. When it comes to safety, Echo Lake always has a lifeguard on duty. When it comes to comfort, unlike Lake George beaches, which are notorious for their frosty temperatures, Echo Lake is much more user friendly. It’s comfortably cool waters won’t turn grown men into girly-girl screaming sopranos. The length of rope between the floating barrels spans the entire distance of the small beach in the deep section and it is perfect for laps. If you are contemplating choices for dinner and dessert when you get back from the beach, you might want to do a few extra laps. If you prefer to put off counting calories for the day, content to ride waves while lapping up the sun in the recumbent position, inflatable rafts are still allowed. The beach also has some great spots where you can sit in the shade by the lake and read a book, take in the views or simply breathe the crisp, clean mountain air and clear your mind. If you prefer to pack a snack and stay awhile, Echo Lake Park and beach also have clean well maintained bathrooms, a volley ball/badminton court, swing sets and a basketball hoop. It even has a small covered pavilion with picnic tables.

The Hudson River Recreation Area, which is part of the Lake George Wild Forest preserve, is on the same road as the Merrill Magee Inn and also just a few minutes away. A wooded trail leads you back to the river which is lined with beautiful rocky shores. The large rock formations make wonderful beaches and quiet spots to relax and refresh the body and soul with the soothing sights and sounds of an Adirondack mountain river. The rocks are warm and inviting in the spring and fall, when the water is still cold from spring melt. In the summer, the river has some nice swimming holes. Beware however, the rivers current can be strong even in summer when it looks lazy on the surface; there are no lifeguards. You don’t have to go swimming however. There is plenty of shallow water to sit and soak in. The temperature of the water is usually very comfortable but cooling in the summer. The river’s bottom is mostly cobble rock that is as slippery as ice and can be just as challenging to walk on.

So if you are feeling a little burnt-out and need to chill-out with an affordable, convenient, nearby warm-weather get away break, come visit the Merrill Magee Inn. We have cozy rooms with very comfortable beds located on a beautiful piece of property close to many Lake George beaches. But if you just want to veg-out and don’t feel like traveling, paying for parking or dealing with crowds, we have our own quiet little beauties called the Hudson River Recreation Area and Echo Lake Park located close to the Merrill Magee Inn. We can even provide our guests with beach chairs, blankets and towels.



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