The Guesthouse


The Guesthouse sits quietly to the rear of the property on spacious lawns and natural gardens. Separated by mature landscaping and decorative fencing, the hotel/guesthouse and its grounds are a peaceful refuge from the activities of the restaurant building, its parking lot, and busy Main St. Quiet residential James St. borders the back edge of the property, where traffic is sparse and neighbors can be seen through the trees, strolling leisurely on a sunny day.

A common use sun room offering snacks and beverages, and an outdoor deck are available for the relaxation of our guests. Lawn furniture placed throughout the grounds offer a private place to relax to the sounds of birds or to the comforting sounds of the small waterfall & pond. Mountain views surround the property. A wonderful place to relax with a book or an impromptu afternoon picnic. You never know what friendly wildlife may pass through.

Our property and gardens are a registered Monarch Waystation, Waystation #10611, as registered with The gardens provide habitat & shelter for Monarchs throughout their annual cycle of reproduction and migration. Butterflies of all kinds can be frequently seen throughout the grounds.

We are also a “green” property, utilizing state of the art, eco friendly building methods and materials, fireplaces, amenities, supplies, etc., as well as all natural fertilizers and pest control.

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