Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting in the Adirondacks

Whitewater Rafting is a highlight of the recreational opportunities available in the Adirondack Park.  It’s hard to believe, but the same section of river can be a heart pounding, big-wave, thrill ride or a picturesque family outing depending on the season.

The Hudson River winds over 300 miles from the highest peak of Mount Marcy’s Lake Tear of the Clouds in the Adirondack Mountains all the way to New York City.

With some of the best whitewater east of the Rocky Mountains, the Hudson River Gorge is the most dynamic stretch of the mighty Hudson River. This stretch of the Hudson River is historic, famous and exhilarating – the river is deemed one of the top 10 whitewater rafting trips in the United States by Outside Magazine….”It is not to be missed”.

Hudson River Gorge rafting trips are a source of adventure in the central Adirondacks of New York. The Hudson River Gorge is rated one of the top whitewater rafting runs on the east coast. It’s no wonder: the water is exciting, the country is pristine and the scenery is beautiful. Wild Waters Outdoor Center offers different types of rafting trips, and are located just 10 minutes away from Merrill Magee!

Discover the awesome and varied landscape of the Adirondacks as you paddle along canyon walls and past waterfalls offering views of distant Adirondack High Peaks. Glimpse wild life and bald eagles, and enjoy a truly unforgettable New York whitewater rafting trip down the mighty – and majestic – Hudson River.

The Hudson River Gorge provides 17 miles of thrilling rapids and wild whitewater throughout the spring, summer and fall rafting season and is the longest stretch of whitewater in New York State.

Best time to go whitewater rafting on the Hudson River Gorge?

If it’s big water that you are after, the first three weeks in April usually provide it. This is when snow melt and spring rains combine to make the Hudson River a big water heaven. So if it’s huge standing waves, monster holes, and nearly continuous class IV-V whitewater you’re after, this is the time to go. A word of caution, with big water comes cold water and variable weather. This time of year isn’t for the faint of heart.

If it’s exciting class IV whitewater and warmer temperatures you want, late April through May is your time. This time of year provides the best of both worlds. With snow melt still flowing from the high peaks and the pleasant days of late spring, you can’t go wrong.

In mid June you won’t have the big water we see in the spring, however the large dam release on the Indian River provides plenty of water for super class III+ whitewater all summer long.

Spectacular foliage combined with good class III – IV whitewater makes the fall a special time of year. A fall trip through the gorge during the peak of the foliage season will not be forgotten as the Adirondack Mountains are ablaze with red, orange, and gold.


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