Worlds Largest Garage Sale

September 30 & October 1, 2017
Merchant Vendor Space available with Friday September 29 set up!

2017 Worlds Largest Garage Sale Merchants Vendors Application

Merchant Vendor Application

The Merrill Magee Inn is the premier spot for vendors and merchants to sell their wares during the Warrensburg, NY Garage Sale – THE Worlds Largest Garage Sale. This is the Prime location to capture the most garage sale attendee traffic!

We are located directly in the center of Warrensburg, adjacent to the town bandstand. Where five streets meet at the only major intersection in town. Route 9/Main St., Hudson St., Elm St., and Adirondack Ave., all join directly in front of the Merrill Magee Inn, which runs along the entire side of the intersection. A perfect spot for the Merrill Magee Worlds Largest Garage Sale Plaza!

Just about all who attend the Warrensburg, NY Worlds Largest Garage Sale will go past this area; a perfect spot for the Worlds Largest Garage Sale merchants and vendors!

We have mapped a 15 foot wide pedestrian entrance directly off of the intersection, which leads into our restaurant parking lot. The parking lot has been mapped to provide for 30 Worlds Largest Garage Sale merchant / vendor booths of 12’x12′ and 12’x20′ spaces, with more spaces planned for future garage sale’s. We have just under 4 acres of space in the center of Warrensburg. Click Merchant Vendor Application Link to see map and garage sale merchant vendor information. We have also mapped very spacious walkways in between booth rows to accommodate all those garage salers! There is also a main entrance off of Elm St. and another at the rear of the property off of James St., with many garage sale attendees walking through the property to Main St. This attracts a lot of additional foot traffic from the back neighborhood. Just 2 blocks behind us is the Warrensburg Recreation Field. All three entrances will have banners advertising that there are vendors within.

Our restaurant will be open outside only during the day for food items off of the outdoor grill such as hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage with peppers & onions, corn dogs, etc. with canned soda & bottled water. The tavern/bar will be closed. The restaurant and tavern/bar will be closed for dinner.

Interested In being a Worlds Largest Garage Sale Merchant Vendor at the best location in Warrensburg? Just check out the Merchant Vendor link and give us a call at 518.260.7729!

– The map provides the booth #, booth size, and booth cost for the weekend.
– Cooking booths are allowed in 12’x20′ spaces only.
– Electricity is available in select booths at an additional cost, call us with your intentions.
– Free on property merchant vendor parking is offered.
– Friday booth setup available and encouraged! Set up anytime on Friday after 9am! (pre-arranged)
– Vehicle access directly to booth location for easy set-up and breakdown!
– The BEST Worlds Largest Garage Sale Location for Merchants and Vendors!

Merchant Vendor Application



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